Editors of Enfo's history

Jaakko Seesranta Matti Niiranen was a reporter and news editor for the economic section of the Savon Sanomat newspaper in 1978–1990. After his years as a journalist, Niiranen took on the post of authorised representative of industry with the Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers. In 1997–2012, he worked as CEO of the Kuopio Chamber of Commerce. During this period, he was a member or chairman of many committees and working groups with connection to North Savo, and a member of the boards of many companies and organizations. Niiranen has also edited histories, and written columns and causeries. Since 2012, he has chaired the board of the Pohjois-Savon Osuuspankki bank.

Kaija Oksanen Kaija Oksanen is the Chief Communications Officer at Enfo. Within Enfo, she has previously worked in marketing. Before joining Enfo, Oksanen worked as a journalist for various media, as a copywriter, and as a marketing and communications planner. She has also served as producer and editor-in-chief for many publications.

Jaakko Seesranta Jaakko ”Siekku” Seesranta started his career in 1962 at Suomen Kaapelitehdas and Oy Nokia Ab, working as a programmer, planner and production manager. Seesranta moved to Tietosavo from a partnership company in 1967. At Tietosavo, he started as a planner and planning manager, and later became production manager and head of the service centre. Seesranta also worked as a head of department and product manager. He also took part in the work of the management team in 1968–1993. Alongside his own work, Seesranta taught IT at the Kuopio Commercial College in 1965–1975. Seesranta retired in 1996.

Pentti ”Pena” Tarnanen Pentti ”Pena” Tarnanen started his career at Tietosavo in 1966 as an operator and had many different tasks within the company. His later positions included product and development manager. He has also worked as a datacommunications planner, department manager and the chairman of the telecommunications team within TIPAL (Finnish Computing Services Association) in 1991–2002. Tarnanen was also Tietosavo's representative in TELMO (Finnish Association for Network Services and Service Providers) in 1992–1997. He retired at the beginning of 2009 after 42 years of service.

Markku ”Uti” Utriainen Markku ”Uti” Utriainen started at Tietosavo in 1975 as a computer operator and was involved in building the company's IT services for more than 35 years. In addition to his own tasks, he represented the employer in the company's occupational safety organization and worked as an occupational safety officer. Utriainen worked in managerial positions at Enfo's service centre, e.g., as a chief engineer and production manager, from 1985. He was involved with the national TIVA group (on the operation of information networks in exceptional conditions) for many years. Utriainen worked as production manager and member of the management team in 2001–2010, after which he retired. During his career, he was responsible for planning and managing Enfo's new data centre projects.

Seppo ”Valtsu” Valtonen Seppo ”Valtsu” Valtonen worked at Turo Ltd and Savo Ltd in 1965–1973. Both were Tietosavo's partner companies. Valtonen started at Tietosavo in 1973 as software designer and later became product manager. He also worked as department manager and unit manager in 1982–1995. In 1995–2001, Valtonen was deputy CEO and, from 2001, CEO of Enfo Group Plc, later Enfo Ltd. In 2005, Valtonen retired from the position of CEO.